Step 2 – How can the NDIS support recovery?

This video was developed by the NSW Mental Health Commission. It shares the mental health and NDIS experiences of people affected by mental health conditions.

Recovery is about living a life of personal, social and emotional wellbeing, whilst living with a mental health condition. Recovery is individual and defined by each person for themselves.

The purpose of the NDIS is to help you get the disability support you need. Everyone’s goals will be different, but the NDIS may help you with things like:

  1. Making choices about the way you’re supported, e.g. a Support Coordinator to support you to understand and choose your supports 
  2. Support with daily living activities:

– Caring for your home, e.g. assistance with cleaning or gardening, skill building to help maintain your tenancy

– Caring for yourself, e.g. motivation and prompting for activities like showering

  1. Strengthening relationships with family or friends, e.g. behavioural support plan
  2. Equipment and modifications to increase your independence, e.g. a talking calendar to provide prompts and reminders
  3. Managing your home arrangements, e.g. support finding a new place
  4. Health and wellbeing support, e.g. support for healthy eating and exercise 
  5. Learning and education, e.g. support starting a course
  6. Skills to manage the impact of your disability, e.g. skills to build your independence
  7. Employment, e.g. workers to assist you with your employment 
  8. Being involved in your community, e.g. motivation and support to join local activities.

Remember: you decide what your recovery looks like and how to make the NDIS meet your needs in life! Later, this website will help you explore your goals, whether you are funded for NDIS services or not.

To help support your application to the NDIS download the Reimagine Your Life Workbook

As you explore the 6 steps to accessing the NDIS, you will be guided to activities in the Reimagine Your Life Workbook, where you can complete questions and activities to support your application.

Co-designed with people living with mental health conditions and their support networks.
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Accessing the ndis in 6 Steps.