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We hope is useful to you in reimagining your life whether you become an NDIS participant or not. is co-designed with people living with mental health conditions including psychosocial disability. Many of the people involved in have lived experience of the NDIS. They have used their experience to help you better understand the NDIS and the  opportunities for people living with psychosocial disability.

If you have more questions about the NDIS and psychosocial disability that this resource does not answer please contact the National Disability Insurance Agency: 1800 800 110.

If you have feedback about the resource please contact the Mental Health Coordinating Council:

Your feedback helps us to improve the resource, not the NDIS.

The experiences of people with mental health conditions are unique and their needs for both health and disability services and supports are constantly changing. The National Disability Insurance Agency is working hard to make sure the NDIS meets the needs of people living with a psychosocial disability and will continue to evaluate the NDIS from a mental health perspective.

The National Mental Health Commission’s ‘2016 National Report on Mental Health and Suicide Prevention’ (2017) says that the NDIS is important. They also note concerns about the NDIS for people with health conditions, including:

  • eligibility for people with psychosocial disability
  • which mental health programs should be in or out of the NDIS
  • quality/pricing of psychosocial supports
  • emerging gaps in services
  • supports for carers of people with psychosocial disability
  • availability of services that help people early
  • supporting people, worker and service transitions
  • the impacts of other mental health reforms, as well as with mainstream health and disability systems.

These and other NDIS challenges are not the focus of this website. This is because the NDIS is still in its early stages. has been developed to help people access the NDIS.

The learning arising from the NDIS will continue for years and the National Disability Insurance Agency and others will work with you to refine the NDIS based on people’s experience and feedback. This includes consideration of people’s support needs, outcomes and satisfaction.

Để yểm trợ đơn xin gia nhập NDIS của quý vị hãy tải xuống Sách Bài Tập Hình Dung Lại Cuộc Sống Của Quý (Reimagine Your Life Workbook)

Trong lúc thăm dò sáu bước để gia nhập NDIS, quý vị sẽ được hướng dẫn đến với những sinh hoạt trong Sách Bài Tập Hình Dung Lại Cuộc Sống Của Quý Vị, trong đó quý vị có thể hoàn thành các câu hỏi và sinh hoạt nhằm yểm trợ đơn xin của quý vị.

Được thiết kế cùng với những người sống chung với các vấn đề sức khỏe tâm thần và những mạng lưới hỗ trợ của họ.
  • Được tài trợ bởi

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